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The Bay Collective was a series of coastal photography & wellbeing workshops delivered over an eight-week period in Spring 2023, to help young people in Fleetwood engage with nature through photography, with the aim of improving mental health and wellbeing.

The project was a collaboration between The Bay: A Blueprint for recovery and researcher and photographer Tristan Poyser.

This socially engaged project was developed as part of the Bay’s community engagement event series, which aims to connect youth to nature, as well as people who may be lonely, isolated and experiencing ill mental health. The project also aimed to provide an educational opportunity for young people, by giving them the opportunity to gain a photography AQA accreditation, improving employability and giving the young people pride in their achievements.

Culminating in a spectacular outdoor exhibition, the photography project has been successfully engaged with by a large number of people walking along the promenade at Fleetwood, as well as the young people who took the photographs.

Young people’s quotes about participating

“When you take good picture, it makes you feel happy”

“I feel chilled with nature all around, the sea, noises, birds chirping.”

“The photography workshops are a good change from usual activities, there’s a change of pace and I spend more time outdoors.”

“I’m impressed with myself when I take a good picture, Macro Photography gives a quality and depth, it gets you closer and in touch with nature.”

“Being at the coast is calming and helps you relax, there’s more freedom and choice of what you can take a picture of”

“It taught me to pay more attention to the world, rather than just myself, and to see the world around me more”

“Inclusivity, adapting cameras. I have been involved with everything. Access to the beach. I hadn't been on the beach for a good few years.”

Carer’s quotes

“Often wheelchair accessible means you can be with everyone and watch them do the activity. But on this course, the wheelchair user did the activity just the same as everyone else, it was fab.”

“His ability to have conversations with others and have social interactions both in and outof a learning environment have increased dramatically”

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